Red Dot Robotics develops autonomous software to automate driving and mundane tasks, creating centrally-controlled robots that cooperate jointly to create enormous productivity
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    As robots are becoming more intelligent, they could perform tasks in environment that could otherwise endanger people's life. Robots could also assist human in simple jobs that would improve productivity and bottomline.

    There are many different kinds of robots. Red Dot Robotics focus on moving things. Red Dot Robotics began in a research institute and saw people's lives and companies' profitability could be greatly improved with autonomous robot automating the process of moving things.

    Red Dot Robotics wants to revolutionalize the business of moving things in engineering and aims to be the leader in automating logistics movement in manufacturing spaces.

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    Teleop Robot

    Autonomous Robot

    Autonomous Conversion

    Red Dot Robotics offers teleoperated robot for various purposes - remote survelliance, inspection or moving in environment which is too dangerous for human.

    Red Dot Robotics also offer autonomous robot for indoor navigation for goods-carrying or outdoor delivery using our autonomous robots.

    If you are looking to convert an existing device into an autonomous machine, look no further,
    Red Dot Robotics is your choice of partner.

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  • Publicity

    International Innovation Award 2019

    Red Dot Robotics is proud to be awarded the International Innovation Award (IIA) for its driving A.I.

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    High Tech Housekeeping Business Times

    High Tech Housekeeping

    In collaboration with Changi Airport Group and Red Dot Robotics, CTM also started an innovation trial at Changi Airport in February to develop the Autonomous Airside Scrubber (AAS). If proven successful, the deployment of AAS will lead to improved safety and productivity to the team on site.

    CTM's innovation trial at Changi Airport to develop the Autonomous Airside Scrubber.

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    Bloomberg: Singapore Spending Big on Future Proof

    3. Automation Nation

    A limited population with higher wages and fewer young people entering the workforce equals robots. Singapore has its very own micro-city to test autonomous vehicles and a new program for delivering baggage at the city’s award-winning international airport – two symbols of just how much it’s betting big on robotics.

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    Changi airport’s automated baggage handlers. Photographer: Ore Huiying/Bloomberg

    Changi airport’s automated baggage handlers

    Gearing Up for Big Business in Autonomous Solutions

    Four years ago, Mr. Joseph Lew left a well-paying job at a prestigious research institute and sold his three-bedroom apartment to raise funds to go into business in a relatively new field: unmanned vehicles.

    Christopher Tan, Straits Times


    Straits Times SIA and Sats Renew 5 Year Partnership

    Singapore Airlines (SIA) has renewed its ground handling contract with Sats for another five years.

    The partnership, which took effect from April 1, includes an option to extend for a further five years.

    Before this, the maximum tenure with an extension was five years, meaning three plus two.

    The new contract includes in-flight catering, passenger and cargo handling, aircraft interior cleaning, aviation security and laundry services.

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    ST File

    Air Cargo Capacity Set to Soar

    Singapore aims to almost double its annual cargo handling capacity at Changi Airport, from three million tonnes to 5.4 million tonnes, to support the growth in the air cargo sector and ride on it.

    Karamjit Kaur, Straits Times

    Straits Times Article

    The Airport of the Future is Here. And It Doesn't Need Humans

    Singapore's Changi Airport is blazing a trail when it comes to automation.

    Imagine landing at a major airport and the only human official you meet on your way through the terminal is a customs officer.

    Singapore’s Changi Airport, voted the world’s best for the past six years by Skytrax, is pursuing that goal of extensive automation with such vigor that it built an entire terminal to help test the airport bots of the future.

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    Source: Bloomberg

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    ASEAN Transport Minister Meeting

    Mediacorp Channel 5

    Mediacorp Channel 8

  • Career Opportunity

    Red Dot Robotics is constantly seeking the most talented candidates who is looking for an exciting career. If you have robotic experience, whichever country you are, please send us your CV at . We would love to have a conversation with you.

    Job Openings

    Electrical Electronics Engineer

    Job Description:

    • Design and develop electrical circuit and subsystem to meet desired specifications
    • Work with electric vehicle power system to convert comfortably between ac/dc, step up/down with consideration for common ground on vehicle, power stability, peak drawn, surge, SNR, EMI etc.
    • Design and produce electrical prototype in beagle or equivalent PCB, research off-the-shelf electronics components, such as TOF camera or lidar, radar study the technical specifications, use github or equivalent to access OEM software to interface and test the electronics purchased
    • Produce design documentation, drawings, engineering instruction
    • Perform testing, verification, on-vehicle testing and field-testing
    • Retrace and reproduce electrical electronic wiring on existing legacy vehicle systems

    Job Requirements:

    • Degree in electrical/electronics, mechatronic engineering or other engineering field may be considered with relevant experience experience with electric vehicle power system, experience with power surge arrest, peak power load calculation.
    • knowledge of Battery Management System, various battery characteristics - lithium, lead acid, NiMH, etc and even hybrid power system, i.e. capcitor with battery system will be a plus.
    • Possess knowledge and understanding and excellent problem solving skills
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